Beautiful Khmer Web Fonts

Khmer Unicode is great – until you get on a site that hasn’t used any Khmer Unicode Web Fonts and the system default Khmer font is used. Unfortunately, most system default Khmer fonts are horrible looking (especially the Khmer font supplied with Windows). So, what can you do about it as a webmaster? Plenty! If you run a Khmer only website – the solution is much easier than if you have a multilingual site. Some browsers (like Firefox) allow you to set a font for a specific language – but others do not. So plain Khmer Unicode text looks like…

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Have you ever wondered how to use ជើង «ដ» and ជើង «ត»​ in Khmer?

Dr. ឃឹន សុខ wrote in his book «វេយ្យាករណ៍ភាសាខ្មែរ» on page 61 as follows: ជើង ដ និង ជើង ត គេប្រើសញ្ញាតែមួយគឺ   ្ដ ។ គេអាចដឹងថាសញ្ញានេះ ជាជើង ដ ឬជាជើង ត ដោយសារយើងស្គាល់ពាក្យនោះ។ ស្ដ សញ្ញា ្ដ ជាជើង ដ គេអាន [ស្ដ]។ ស្តឹក សញ្ញា ្ត ជាជើង ត គេអាន [ស្ត]។ នៅក្នុងពាក្យសរសេរជាព្យាង្គតម្រួត គេសន្មតថា បើសញ្ញា   ្ដ  នៅក្រោម ណ សញ្ញានេះជាជើង ដ ហើយបើនៅក្រោម ន គឺជាជើង ត។ បណ្ដឹង អាន [បន់ + ដឹង]។ បន្តឹង អាន [បន់ + តឹង]។

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New Automatic Line-Breaker for Khmer in LibreOffice

Much thanks to SIL and all their hard work on improving (and fixing) the code for LibreOffice allowing it to correctly and automatically break Khmer words without the user having to insert zero-width spaces manually. If you are interested in trying it out yourself visit the nightly builds for LibreOffice here and download the version for your operating system: LibreOffice Nightly Builds You can also access the source code of the automatic word breaker for Khmer at GitHub here. The source is based on frequency dictionaries of Khmer words with probability counts as well as a long list of names…

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Khmer Hyphenation Dictionary

Over the past few months SBBIC has been working on a Khmer Hyphenation Dictionary for use with OpenOffice and LibreOffice. We are please to announce that the Khmer Hyphenation Dictionary has now been released! Thank you to all those who helped to make this possible! For use in OpenOffice and LibreOffice please follow these instructions: Download the latest SBBIC Khmer Spelling Checker and Hyphenation Dictionary for OpenOffice and LibreOffice Click here to Download Install the extension either by double-clicking the .oxt file or by opening OpenOffice or LibreOffice and going to "Tools->Extension Manager..." click the "Add..." button and browse to...
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English to Khmer Dictionary with Chuon Nath Dictionary for Mac

We’ve updated the SBBIC English to Khmer Dictionary to use the native Dictionary app on Mac OS and also added the Chuon Nath Khmer Dictionary so that you can have easy access to both. If you want to add terms or correct any errors in the English to Khmer Dictionary you can do so by following the instructions on this page. We welcome any corrections and additions so that this dictionary can become more and more useful to those translating as well as those interested in studying the English and Khmer language. This is not a traditional dictionary but includes many…

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Free English to Khmer and Chuon Nath Dictionary Download

We've just updated the SBBIC English to Khmer dictionary to include new and corrected terms (based on your feedback and collaboration here) as well as added Chuon Nath's dictionary so that you can access both at the same time! Just unzip the downloaded file and open GoldenDict.exe (for Windows). If you find any errors or want to add terms please visit this page to learn how to contribute. You can also download the dictionary files (Babylon Dictionary Format) to use on other platforms. Download the Windows dictionary with the SBBIC English to Khmer Dictionary along with the Khmer Chuon Nath Dictionary...
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1 Million and Counting!

Yesterday we crossed over the 1 million visitor mark! Since starting this site in 2006 we have seen the popularity of Khmer Unicode and Khmer language resources skyrocket in popularity. The first four years our site saw only 80,000 visits, but in 2011 we saw a spike in interest with over 130,000 visits in one year. Every year since we’ve seen a study increase, and this year we are on track to set a new high of 270,000 visits. Thank you to all of you, for your collaboration on the many projects of the Society for Better Books in Cambodia.

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How to Spell Email and Other Issues With ត្រីសព្ទ

Have you ever wonder how to use ត្រីស័ព្ទ ( ៊ ) properly? In the book «វិធីប្រើ វណ្ណយុត្តិ នឹង​ខណ្ឌសញ្ញា» authored by ​លោកគ្រូ នួន ប៊ុត he made the following observations: 1. It is only used with four letters: ប ស ហ អ 2. Here is how it is used with ស្រៈនិស្ស័យ ( ិ  ី  ឹ  ឺ  ើ  ុំ  ាំ )      A. For ប៊ do not change ៊ into   ុ      B. For ស៊ do change  ៊  into   ុ      C. When ស៊ and ហ៊ is used with  ុំ change the  ំ  into  ម      D. When ស៊ is used with  ាំ…

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