Khmer Unicode Typing Trainer for Windows

A program to help you learn how to type in Khmer Unicode.

Before you can run this program in Windows XP you must download and install the .NET Framwork from Microsoft which you can download here: .NET Framework

NOTE: in Windows XP if you want to be able to view the menu in Khmer (which is the default) you will need to change some of your display settings. To do this open Control Panel > Display and then click on the “Appearence” tab. Then click the “Advanced” button on the lower right-hand corner. Go through each of the settings and when a font can be chosen input a Khmer Unicode font (such as “Khmer OS System”) and then the menu should show up fine.

Download from the KhmerOS website: Khmer Unicode Typing Trainer for Windows

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  • Johnny Free

    Hello, I downloaded the software and the installation was perfect but when I open up the program and start trying the first lesson, there seems to be a problem. The first letter is SAW and when I type the S key, nothing happens. I can operate the panel and everything else but when I try to type, nothing works.

    Any ideas?


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