UPDATE: Our solution does not yet work perfectly – line-breaks do not work with a hair space, so we are still in the process with Adobe trying to find a solution that will work without any issue.

With the release of InDesign CS 5.5 Hunspell dictionaries are now supported.  This means we can use the SBBIC spelling dictionary with InDesign!  There are some issues though, because InDesign was not tested fully with Khmer, but we are able to get around them (even though it makes things a bit complex).  Right now our solution is MAC ONLY because I don’t have my PC here with me – but we will include PC instructions soon (and they won’t me much different than the Mac instruction).


Here are the files you will need:


File 1:

Download “Glosbe: a Collaborative Dictionary with Khmer and Many Other Languages” – Downloaded 0 times –


File 2: [Download not found]
Thanks to: http://www.thomasphinney.com/2009/01/adobe-world-ready-composer/ for these templates


File 3: [Download not found]

And here is the video tutorial:

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neet to Software in unicude khmer

I wanted to make the computer suppot laguege khmer

Hi Developer,

I would like to have unicode font convert to limon font software and i also would like to have khmer unicode support all kind of software.


You can try SpellPlus for Grammar Check in Khmer Unicode fonts in InDesign. SpellPlus is a Spelling Check Plugin for InDesign support more then 110 languages.
try this link:

Hi Pushpendra,

We’ve actually tried the SpellPlus plugin for InDesign, but so far it has failed to work. If we provide you with sample files perhaps you can edit your program to work correctly with Khmer? I will send you an e-mail.
Nathan Wells
for sbbic.org

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