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Download Electronic Khmer to Khmer Chuon Nath Dictionary 2.1

The Buddhist Institute of Cambodia has released a new version of Chuon Nath’s Khmer to Khmer Dictionary.  Visit the link below to find out more – this version should work with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.  Thanks to Sokny Sor for his work!  The program is Java based, so should be multi-platform (Windows and Linux, but supposedly not with Mac yet)

DOWNLOAD: Electronic Khmer to Khmer Chuon Nath Dictionary 2.1

New Release of SBBIC English to Khmer Dictionary

There is a new release of our offline Lexique Pro dictionary that is available for download (Updated 8/13/10 27,693 words and phrases).
The SBBIC dictionary now includes the KhmerOS glossary – Special thanks to a the Open Forum of Cambodia and NiDA for allowing us to import the glossary. This offline dictionary was compiled from the SBBIC Khmer Collaborative Online Dictionary at http://dictionary.sbbic.org Please visit the online dictionary and contribute new terms and or correct any errors so that they can be included in future releases of the dictionary.

Download: SBBIC Self-installing English and Khmer Unicode Dictionary version .06

Khmer Collaborative Dictionary Alpha

VISIT: Khmer Collaborative Dictionary – SBBIC Apha

We have just found a backend that can support a collaborative online dictionary and have started to input data into it.  If you want to poke around feel free – but just remember it is in its very early stages.  After looking around the web for a backend we first landed on phpmyFAQ.  But after some use it became clear that phpmyFAQ just wasn’t made to handle so many data entries.  So we have now switched to MediaWiki. And although it is not designed specifically for an online collaborative dictionary, we feel it will work great once we customize it a bit.  Currently you can register at the site and to add a word search for the word you want.  But as we said, we are releasing this very early so that everyone can have input.  You can also look at the current definitions and edit if there is an error.

Please, give us your thoughts and ideas.

Also we will be looking for editors, those who approve new entries into the dictionary – so if you are interested please contact us or comment on this post and give us your contact information and we will be in touch.

If you have a large amount of words you would like to input into the dictionary, let us know and we can bulk import them so you don’t have to do it one by one.  Thanks!

VISIT: Khmer Collaborative Dictionary – SBBIC Apha

Babiloo Khmer Unicode Dictionary

Equipped with an English to Khmer Unicode dictionary with over 30,000 terms as well as the Chuon Nath Khmer dictionary, this program is a must have.  First download the program and install it, then run Babiloo and click “Dictionaries” on the menu and then click “Download Dictionaries”

At the prompt scroll down to “[Cambodian/Khmer/ខ្មែរ]” and select the “English-Khmer” and “Chuon Nhat Khmer-Khmer” dictionaries and then click on the small download icon (with the green arrow) on the bottom-left and wait for the download to complete.

Once completed click “Accept”

Then you can load either dictionary by clicking “Dictionaries” on the menu and selecting the dictionary from the list that you would like to use.


Electronic Unicode Chuon Nath Dictionary

Download the Chuon Nath Dictionary for Khmer for PC in unicode. This is a great resource, and is official.  It works with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows based systems and is Java based so should be multi-platform (Windows and Linux, but supposedly not with Mac yet).

Download it here: Electronic Unicode Chuon Nath Dictionary