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Download Every Known Khmer Font All At Once

We’ve just updated our “All Khmer Fonts” download – you can download it here. To preview the fonts you can view SBBIC All-Khmer-Fonts Preview PDF (1968) showing all the font names and a sample Khmer text.

DOWNLOAD: Khmer Unicode Fonts All-In-One (28264)


Khmer SBBIC Unicode System Font

One of the issues with the current Khmer Unicode fonts is the English characters included do not look good (and this is understandable as they were not meant to be used as English fonts).  But for some, we use both English and Khmer, especially when it comes to a system user interface (like OpenOffice).  We recently combined the KhmerOS System font with Liberation Sans to create an appealing system font for both English and Khmer.  For instructions on how to use this font as your system font in OpenOffice please click here.

DOWNLOAD: Khmer Unicode SBBIC System Font

KhmerOS System Font

SBBIC System Font