SBBIC Khmer Spelling Checker for Microsoft Word

Download a free Khmer Spelling Checker for Microsoft Word 2010-2013 today (Windows only)! IMPORTANT: There are two versions of the add-in based on your version of Microsoft Word. If you have Word 32-bit, download the 32-bit installer, and if you have Word 64-bit, download the 64-bit installer  In Office 2013 Open an Office 2013 program. Click File > Account. Under Office Updates, you can see the version, but to see both the version and platform, click About program name (like About Word).Microsoft Word 2013 (15.0.0000.0000) MSO (15.0.0000.0000) 32-bit In Office 2010 Open an Office 2010 program. Click File > Help. Under...
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Khmer Spelling Checker for OpenOffice and LibreOffice

An extension for 3.3+ and LibreOffice to include a Khmer spelling checker and Khmer hyphenation dictionary. Based on the word-lists of KhmerOS and SBBIC. Allows for Khmer numbers as well as the inclusion of ទី before numbers. No longer will Khmer numbers be viewed as misspelled words. We also included some better coding to make the checker better at giving you a correct spelling for a misspelled word.  Also, now the ៗ​ character will no longer cause words to be misspelled.  In this release we added more Khmer proper names as well as additional number and date combinations.  There…

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Khmer Spelling Checker for Adobe InDesign CS 5.5

UPDATE: Our solution does not yet work perfectly – line-breaks do not work with a hair space, so we are still in the process with Adobe trying to find a solution that will work without any issue. With the release of InDesign CS 5.5 Hunspell dictionaries are now supported.  This means we can use the SBBIC spelling dictionary with InDesign!  There are some issues though, because InDesign was not tested fully with Khmer, but we are able to get around them (even though it makes things a bit complex).  Right now our solution is MAC ONLY because I don’t have…

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Updated Khmer Spelling Checker for OpenOffice

We’ve just released version 1.4 of our Khmer spelling checker for OpenOffice. We added programming to have the checker check for ់ in order to catch words that were only missing the ់ and we also corrected and added some new words.  Please give us feedback!  If you find errors let us know so we can correct them. DOWNLOAD: SBBIC Khmer Spelling Checker 1.4 for OpenOffice

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Updated Firefox and Thunderbird Khmer Spelling Checker 1.1

We’ve just updated the SBBIC Firefox and Thunderbird Khmer Spelling Checker to version 1.1 so that it matches the update we just released for Please, if you use this add-on review it so we can improve it! Download: Khmer SBBIC Spelling Checker  1.1 for Firefox and Thunderbird

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